The Humanist and Atheist Way

Atheism belief in afterlife or in God doesn’t exist so they don’t have a specific set of belief on death. Dealing with funeral services for an atheist can be tricky, especially in an industry that’s largely rooted on religion. It’s essential for the survivors to respect the choices of their dearly departed even if it’s in conflict with their own beliefs.

funeralIf you are an atheist who greatly worries whether your beliefs will be respected in your death or not, it’s important to be clear of your requests as early as possible. You can do this by creating a formal document with the detailed arrangement and entrust this in the care of a trusted person or an executor.

A religious funeral typically focuses on the person’s soul and afterlife. Atheists don’t believe in a second life after the physical body has expired nor they believe in a deity that looks after people. Commemoration of their passing is done in a different way. They would rather focus and celebrate on the life they lived rather than praying for a better afterlife.

Their funeral services may not look like the traditional one, but it is a type of celebration or a party, sometimes informal, with a lot of food, drinks, and music. Any resemblance of a formal ceremony is done in a non-religious way that is solemnized by a close family member or a friend. Celebrants are those who are connected to the person for they are the ones who can justify the celebration that reflects the personality of the person who just died.

Eulogies would include sharing of stories and lessons learned from the deceased. There are no precise rules when holding atheist or humanist funeral services as long as these honor the wishes of the person.

The will or any document left by the atheist should be your blueprint in directing a memorial service. If he left no such document, then the person who will manage the funeral services should make inquiries from his close family and friends about his values and wishes. If there is still no information available, then just make sure that any type of funeral arrangement wouldn’t include religious elements to respect the dead.

Atheist’s interment service varies from person to person. It all depends on values and family choices. Some would allow the traditional wake without the religious aspect like prayers or reading of Biblical passages. There are a number of atheists who believe that the memorial service is not for the one passed, but for the survivors as a gift of kindness or comfort.

Saying that the person is “In a better place now” is avoided. The intentions may be for sympathy and benevolence but it will contradict their belief. It’s best to avoid them. Even if you are a religious person, you will feel comfortable in a humanist or atheist ceremony. They are basically affectionate and sincere and you’ll just be asked to share your memories or even anecdotes about the person. This is a chance for the survivors to bond over their shared love.

Music is still part of the service but instead of religious hymns, they would choose songs about human relationships and how to live a good life. The common choices for an atheist service are favorite songs of the departed and songs that greatly mirror his life.

Burial or cremation may still border on the traditional sans the religious rites. Most would rather have their ashes scattered in a special place rather than being buried. However, some opt to have their bodies donated to science as their way of contributing to humanity.

Death for anyone is shocking and even more painful if one has a great connection with the deceased. The atheist or humanist memorial service is a time to express sorrow of the passing and at the same time, joy in the life they shared with you. It’s the appropriate way of saying goodbye to someone who lived without a spiritual creed. It remains memorable and respectful.

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Different Uses of Custom Coins

Custom challenge coins have become a means to honor those who have done well in the particular field they chose to pursue. In companies, you can see custom coins being made as a kind of symbol where the organization’s insignia can be found. This type of emblem is also usually seen among police officers. Tradition has marked their use as proof of one’s membership with a certain organization or group. Challenge coins have also become a way of boosting one’s morale. Usually seen among the military and law enforcers’ collection, these coins are mostly given out by unit leaders to recognize a particular person’s achievement.

Custom CoinsDifferent organizations or groups use custom coins for varying purposes. In certain law enforcement agencies, these coins may act as fundraisers. While the agency’s symbol is embedded on these coins, the organization may sell it to people. Aside from raising funds for a specific purpose, this also serves as a way for the public to understand its meaning in a deeper sense. Because of the popularity of these coins, they are very effective fundraisers. In a way, the people who buy the coins show their appreciation and support for the law enforcement personnel who always risk their own lives to serve the public trust.

Custom coins may also serve as a means for promoting common goals, particularly within task forces. These are groups within the government or military that works toward one goal. Oftentimes, you see such group of trained individuals fighting against illegal drugs, gangs, and organized crimes. By giving out customized coins, they can be commemorated for their dedication to their jobs. While these coins are very appealing, they also are personal. Those who receive custom challenge coins are honored because of doing well given the field they’re assigned to.

The significance of custom coins may also be seen among organizations as a representation of the values they truly stand for. The coins hold the emblem of the organization to display certain images that can best represent the labor and honor they have been known for. In many police departments, a motto or a mascot can be seen in the coins as a symbol of the organization’s uniqueness. This also promotes pride among the institution’s members.

As an excellent morale builder, these coins can be used for acknowledging important milestones that a specific unit in the law enforcement organization. However, this may also be awarded to a single member of a unit as a tangible symbol that he did an excellent job. In essence, what it brings to all ranks is unity and cohesion.

The tradition of using these coins has also extended to companies in the video gaming industry. One notable company, Treyarch, gave such coins along with their release of a first-person shooting game, which focused on futuristic warfare technology.

Designing and producing these challenge coins is inexpensive. Traditionally, they are manufactured using either die struck or zinc alloy casts. The more practical mode of manufacturing is by using zinc alloy castings, simply because of the low cost. Die struck bronze, on the other hand, may be a bit more expensive, but the resulting product is far more durable and can last for longer periods.

If a particular agent has shown outstanding achievements or did an act that is worthy of recognition, these custom coins are given as awards. Those who receive custom medallions and coins regard these as prizes that have a lot more worth than certificates. Because of the resilient materials that normally make up this type of coins, these can serve as keepsakes that they can collect for a very long time and may even pass on to the next generation as an indication of the bearer’s devotion and hard work in his chosen area of expertise.


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Custom challenge coins have become a means to honor those who have done well in the particular field they chose to pursue. In companies, you can see custom coins being made as a kind of symbol where the organization’s insignia can be found.

Features Offered in Ready-to-Use Movable Cubicle Offices

Refurbished shipping containers are first images that come into mind upon hearing the term “movable cubicle.” Therefore, getting these cubicles means ordering a shed-like container with corrugated exteriors. Nevertheless, some distributors offer ready-to-use cubicle offices, which means they have everything that clients require if they want to use them as offices. Features found inside these offices include the following:

Heavy-duty exterior shell

Movable CubicleAs boxes used for shipping in the past, these portable cubicles come with rugged exterior that make them difficult to destroy. Their exteriors are constructed from 12-gauge up to 14-gauge stainless steel guarantee protection from various intruder-triggered abuses and other accidents. This feature alone is enough for clients to trust its features for extra content protection, which is also vital for offices.

Windows and doors

Portable containers don’t have windows and doors before their transformation to storage and office spaces. Many movable cubicle distributors install windows and doors for humans. You’ll find the term man door as you shop around for these containers. The reason is that these containers only have large doors to make loading and unloading contents easy. They changed the doors suitable for people.

As for windows, they are installed to let light in and aid ventilation inside the new office.

Complete basic office essentials

Complete basic office essentials refer to tables and cabinets. Distributors install these essentials themselves to keep clients the effort of setting their offices themselves. Considering portable offices’ profile, tables and cabinets are built-in and modular in design to save space. The number of tables and cabinets varies depending on the container’s size.

Altered interior wall finishing

Interior wall finishing is also altered to make these portable offices more conducive for work setting. Wall finishing enhancements include placing a new walling solution to promote better interior design. Paint finishes are also improved because a movable cubicle’s original finish was made of regular paint and probably limited to a primer.

Special flooring solutions

Offices require better flooring. Dealers install different flooring types meant for homes and offices like wood planks and floor tiles. Tiles may be regular vinyl and other special block tiles that depend on the distributors’ preferred design.

Provisions for wiring systems, lighting and communication

Provisions in a movable cubicle are similar to those offered in regular properties. They are spaces or assigned spots for specific systems ready for future installation. In these offices, provisions include a space for air conditioning units, wiring systems, plumbing and many more. Some distributors even include these solutions ready for use. Clients simply need to hook them with their power sources and these essentials will start to work.

Installed HVAC systems

HVAC systems are important for offices, especially if they are placed at outdoor sites. Some dealers include a complete set of HVAC solutions in their cubicles and have them prepared in case clients will call for renting the portable offices. The good thing about the dealer setting HVAC systems is they install the right machines based on the container’s size, assuring heating and cooling are maximized.

Installed insulation systems

Insulation system is important for these cubicles because of humidity and moisture. A good insulation system will prevent moisture accumulation inside portable offices, which is the reason of humidity that may cause damages inside the office. Insulation systems come in various choices, but the distributor installs the right fit for the container and guarantees proper function.

Companies offer movable cubicle offices because they know that many clients look into renting them out for temporary office setting. Not every company offer this solution and it’s recommended to search properly for those who have them ready for rental. Check these details as well as their systems vary according to distributors’ unique designs.


Many movable cubicle distributors install windows and doors for humans.

Printed Circuit Boards: The Heart of Every Electronic Device

People have always been tinkering with technology. Since ancient times, people have been experimenting with new and better tools for the jobs they need to do. As technology grows, mankind’s capacity to create even more technology increases. This is readily apparent in the printed circuit board, arguably one of the most important inventions of mankind.

In truth, a printed circuit board and a bunch of electrical components connected by wires are not really that different. Both group components together to form one functioning unit. Both contain circuits capable of doing computations necessary for the functioning of most gadgets. Their main differences lie in two things: power and size. Printed circuit boards are made up of superior materials, making them faster and more powerful than their counterparts. They are also smaller, making it possible to produce powerful but compact gadgets like pacemakers and smart phones.

printed circuit boardPrinted circuit boards have two main components: a layer of substrate with one or more layers of copper attached to it. Copper is used in the majority of circuit boards for their low cost, high corrosion resistance, and high electrical conductivity. During manufacturing, they various parts of the copper are removed. This leaves behind numerous lines of copper on the surface; these act as circuits by letting electricity flow through them to various components attached on the circuit board. These copper paths are generally very narrow in order to maximize the available surface on the circuit board, although higher voltages necessitate the use of wider copper paths. A thin layer of tin-lead is electroplated on the copper for added protection.

Some of the copper traces extend to the borders of the circuit board. Commonly called contact fingers, they make it possible to connect circuit boards to each other or even to other electrical components. Various layers of tin-lead, nickel, and gold are applied to them to increase their ability to conduct electricity.

The substrate, on the other hand, is composed of an insulating material, such as fiberglass or plastic. They prevent electric current from escaping from the copper circuits and causing short circuits, which may damage the printed circuit board and possibly the whole electric device.

People who design circuit boards spend a considerable amount of time planning the circuit layout so that they can fit as many circuits on the board as they can. Generally, increasing the number of circuits on the board also increases the computational power of the printed circuit board.

Other components are present on the circuit board. For example, resistors, which have a higher resistance than the copper circuits, may be placed to limit the amount of electricity passing through a specific circuit. Various diodes, which limit the flow of electricity to one direction only, may also be used to control the flow of electricity. Integrated circuits, which are more complex and compact versions of printed circuit boards, may also be attached to make the printed circuit boards even more powerful.

These components must be attached firmly to the circuit board. Otherwise, electric currents will fail to flow and broken circuits will occur. Material called solders are used to attach these components. Solders are made up of metals, typically tin-lead alloys, which have low melting points. This property allows them to melt during the attachment process without destroying the surrounding material. Once cooled, they form a bond between the component and the circuit board which provides support and allows electricity to flow.

There are two main methods by which components are attached on the circuit board. In “through hole technology”, holes are drilled through the board. The components, which have long metal wires called leads, are then attached on the board. The leads, after being inserted into the holes, are then soldered in place on the other side of the board. In “surface mount technology”, solder is applied on places where the components are to be attached. Once the components are in place, heat is applied in order to seal the bond.

There is little doubt that the invention of the printed circuit board has revolutionized the world. They have made it possible to create small but powerful devices. They have helped significantly in increasing the rate at which human technology develops.

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Demand in Commercial Real Estate Long Island

When considering commercial real estate in Long Island, never skip the opportunity for an ocular inspection. This is not an assurance on the brokers anyway that you are buying the property.

As much as you would like to be frugal on your finances when making an investment, making a low-priced purchase now should be foregone to checking out the property first. Long Island takes pride in its prime spots located right at the beach. But some units and parcels of land tend to come up short of expectations once the ocular inspection happens.

Sometimes, the brokers could find a way around it. But if you could feel that you are dealing with the likes that sold snake oil, stay away from such agents. Some agents would exaggerate features and amenities on their brochures and online ads just to secure a quick buck. Don’t fall into that trap because it is your hard-earned money that you would be pouring into the investment.

Prime spots in include beach-front properties suitable for putting up a grill or a retail kiosk catering to beach goers. Most of these spots get sold in such a short time that you need to check options that are at least 5 blocks away from the beach.

Locals often have the time to walk around the area and visit stalls either on the beach itself or just nearby. Just the same, both spots are commercially viable. It makes commercial real estate Long Island a lucrative opportunity at some point.

Real EstateWhy is a beach-front spot often categorized as a prime spot? This is due to the fact that at any point of the economy, whether it’s up or down, people would still find a way to go to the beach and unwind. It may not always be to take a dip by the waters. The opportunity to enjoy tranquility and the laidback environment are plus points in making properties such lucrative opportunities.

Sometimes, you ask yourself several years down the line once you have secured a spot if the business still made sense in the future. Most of the time, yes; it is just a matter of positioning your business that would not only cater to the needs of the Long Island locals and expats but would also provide employment to everyone who needed it.

No wonder a beach-front spot is always in demand in commercial real estate Long Island no matter what status the economy could get into. People will always find ways to go to the beach for relaxation. Most locals take advantage of the fact that the beach is just nearby for them to hop into whenever the urge to dip kicks in. With the constant influx of people to the seashores, there would always be a ready market for grills and retail kiosks that you plan to put up right on the spot.

If you foresee running out of space on the beachfront properties in commercial real estate Long Island, let some properties located 5 blocks or less away from the beach as back-up plans. In an environment as laidback and homey as Long Island, you would not run out of pedestrians looking for a good trinket to keep or a sumptuous dinner.

Call your nearest real estate broker and see what options are available for you in Long Island.

7 Attachment Options for Custom Lanyards

Don’t you wish that you can bring your small valuable item with you by carrying it around your neck? Custom lanyards with attachment options can do that.

1.Water Bottle Holder

Custom LanyardsA water bottle holder carries a bottle that’s filled with 1-liter of water. Some custom lanyards are longer so that the water bottle can hang to one side of your body.

The holder has a durable rubber-o ring that’s sewn to a nylon lanyard or crimped to a cotton lanyard. It also allows the wearer to engage in outdoor activities while quickly accessing a refreshing drink.

2.Slide Size Adjuster

A slide size adjuster changes the length of the lanyard. It’s installed at the top of the lanyard that touches the back of the person’s neck. The adjuster only needs to be slided up and down the lanyard.

The lower portion of the lanyard can be brought towards the person’s chest. This can be done by pulling the upper portion of the lanyard through the slide size adjuster. The adjuster also lets you adjust the position of your ID card.

The slide size adjuster comes in two types – double barrel slide and bead slide. The double barrel slide has four holes and the bead slide has two holes.


A J-hook is an attachment that most custom lanyards have. The hook opens by applying pressure to one side and closes by not applying pressure to the same side. The hook allows an ID card with a round attachment hole to be attached to the lanyard.

The J-hook comes in two types – swivel and non-swivel. The swivel J-hook rotates the attached object. The non-swivel J-hook does not rotate the attached object.

4.Quick-release Buckle

A quick-release buckle attaches and detaches an object to the lanyard. This can be done without taking the lanyard off from around your neck. The top portion of the buckle is attached to the lanyard and the bottom portion of the buckle is attached to an object.

5.Bulldog Clip

A bulldog clip has an oblong hole at the top where the lanyard can be attached. It also has jaws where an ID card can be attached to. A person attaches the ID card by pressing the ends of the clip’s jaws together and releasing the ends. The spring mechanism of the bulldog clip forces the jaws together to grip the ID card firmly.

6.Breakaway Connector

A breakaway connector prevents the lanyard from getting snagged to the person’s neck. It comes off the person’s neck when a firm tug is applied to it.

The breakaway connector’s mechanism is formed by two plastic connectors. One plastic connector has a hole and the other plastic connector does not have a hole. Connecting the plastic connectors together allows the lanyard to remain around your neck.

The top part of the lanyard that covers the back of your neck is where the breakaway connector is commonly installed. It can also be installed in the front of the lanyard that’s near one side of your neck.

Custom lanyards have three types of breakaway connectors. These are the stitch-on connector and the crimp-on connector. A bar tack sewing machine attaches the stitch-on connector to the lanyard. A pair of pliers attaches the crimp-on connector to the lanyard.

7.Cell Phone Holder

A cell phone holder has a side-squeeze buckle to attach or detach a cell phone to the lanyard. It allows you to carry and use the cell phone around your neck.

The side-squeeze buckle has two parts – nylon loop and slot. The nylon loop attaches the cell phone to the slot and the slot attaches the lanyard to the cell phone.

Use any of these attachment options for your custom lanyards to prevent losing your items.

If you’re looking for a great way to represent yourself or your business, then cheap lanyards from are the perfect choice.